Sunday, March 28, 2010

Latvian Cup 2010, 2nd stage

...We have 5 stages of Latvian Cup during a year and it was the 2nd stage of Latvian Cup 2010 on Saturday (27/March/2010). The 1st, 3rd and 5th stages are biathlon for men and snatch for women, but the 2nd and 4th stage is long cycle for both genders :) The only difference is that women perform the LC with one hand and allowed to switch hands once (as in snatch). So the past Saturday was the Long Cycle day :)

The organization of the competition was on the high level (as usual). We were surprised to find out that despite the hard economical situation in Latvia many sportsmen found a way to come to a little village to take part in the event. To be honest, I don't even remember the name of the place... I would call it "the middle of nowhere" :) It was 81 sportsman present: 3 young women under 18, 8 women, 31 young man and 39 men. But the most surprising thing was the relay race. We've got 5 junior teams and 8!!! adult teams (two teams had only 4 participants, but still competed). We never had so many before. It was fun to watch guys lifting because all the teams were very strong and kept the same tempo. I have a pleasure to announce that my team won :)

But there is another serious thing that happened after the competitions. We had General Meeting and Robert Innus announced that he is giving up the position of the Chairman of the Latvian Kettlebell Lifting Association. I already knew that he was going to do it, but it was sad to hear anyway. He's done a lot for GS in Latvia. And it was great to work with him and be in his team. It is very important for a new Chairman to be in Riga most of the time. But there is nobody in Riga who would be able to take his place. So we are on the threshold of a new era... I can only hope that the new Board Committee with the new head will retain the federation work at a high level...


  1. Congrats to the team victory!
    Nice that you have lc for women as well now. I guess it makes training more varied and interesting for the ladies.

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